Monday, 23 March 2009

An idyllic Space

I have always been interested in our living spaces, where buildings and houses are structured systematically, and streets and roads meander through them and plants, objects and signs are spread all around. All these 'things' are situated within a particular space and become 'Places' which humans accommodate.

My work explores the notion of' 'existence' of place and space. Each 'place' has its own identity and significance. From each journey I have photographed and recorded the places that I have visited, and the events and activities which have occurred during my time spent there.

Selected images were then combined or juxtaposed to construct a 'new place' in my art work; thus carrying within its symbolic gestures which reveal our social structure and human activities.

My approach involves applying common and familiar images, together with other unidentified marks and textures onto paper or canvas. Colours and the contrast of its visual tactility are important in my work as it stimulates ones perception towards the interpretation of the artwork when confronted.

In an attempt to construct an idealized place/space through images taken from the surroundings in my artworks, I destruct the true identity of the actual place in the visual form.

My objective is to confront my audience with the tension between place and space, between reality and idealization; making use of the images to investigate the boundaries between inside and outside, of place and non-place. Therefore, a new 'place' is created using images form various different places derived from the real world, and they become a 'landscape' exit of sorts within ones perception.

'Best Wishes', water-based paint, pencil, bitumen & silkscreen print on canvas, 162.5x129.5cm.

'The Way Things Are Seen', water-based paint, pencil, transfer print collage, graphite powder with varnish, and silkscreen print on canvas, 147.5x153cm.

'Polo Ground-Ipoh', water-based paint, pencil, resin and silkcreen print on canvas, 162.5x129.5cm.

'Untitled', water-based paint, object print collage, and silkscreen print on canvas, 61x147.3cm.

'Street Walker XIV' (Seeking), bitumen, pencil, charcoal, transfer print and silkscreen print on paper, 70x100cm.

'Street Walker II' (Indication), bitumen, pencil, charcoal and transfer print on paper, 35x70cm.

'Street Walker VII' (Looking into the Void), bitumen, charcoal, pencil and transfer print on paper, 35x70cm.

'Residue' (detail), plaster cast from silkcreen print, 6x6x8cm.