Monday, 15 November 2010

'Go Block' in Penang Internation Print Exhibiton 2010 (PIPE)

Go Block models sitting in the trishaw at the front of state museum and ready to go.

Trishaw drivers are wearing Go Block sign t-shirt printed by me.

Gathering at the state museum again for photo shooting after the tour around the street.

Models wearing my screen printed red and black design.

Models with my design in a trishaw.

For this year's Penang Internation Print Exhibition (PIPE), Go Block group came out with quite a few ideas rather different from conventional approach towards print making. After much discussion, meeting and brain storming, we decided to have a "print making event" rather then just having our printed art work hanging at the wall space, we bring our ''print'' go to the street and to much wider audience as possible.

Each members (five of us) of the Go Block produce an image for printing on Sarong, which then to be wear by models (20 male and female models), and the trishaw drivers are wearing the printed Go Block sign t-shirt, all models are sitting in the trishaw then patrolling down to the busy street in George Town, Penang.

It starts from Penang State Museum and Art Gallery, strolling down to the near by street, passing through the markets and shops, local residents and tourist are curious and suprise by this act. After an hour long journey the tour was then heading back to the state musuem again.

"What You Want From Me"

Acrylic screen print, water-based paint, pencil, drawing collage, colour threads, graphite powder with varnish on canvas. 106.8x132 cm. 2010.

''The Still and The Swift"

Acrylic screen print, water-based paint, pencil, collage, colour threads, and graphite powder with narnish on canvas. 106.8x132 cm. 2010.

''Your Life. Our History''

The site before it has been installed with artwork.

The site where the artwork has been installed. Woodcut on PDF with oil based printing colour.

A community art projects organized by Lost Generation Space at Pudu, KL., where I produced a wood cut work to fit in particular site at one of the main entrance at Pudu Plaze, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Friday, 26 March 2010

"Heads Up", a portrait group show at Weiling Gallery.

'Portrait of Jor'. Waterbased paint, acrylic, pencil, colour threads and varnish with graphite powder on canvas, 92x73cm, 2010.

'Portrait of xian'. Waterbased paint, acrylic, pencil, emboss-paste, colour threads and varnish with graphite powder on canvas, 92x73cm, 2010.